The refuge is open and manned each year from June 1 to September 30. During this period, the entire building is accessible and the refuge team welcomes you every day: lunchtime meals, half-board, information, entertainment... The refuge can then accommodate up to 50 people in dormitories of 6 10 places. It also has an Hors Sac area.

The rest of the year, the building is closed and inaccessible to the public.

Find the detailed list of services available at the refuge below...

Blanket in the dormitories
Café - Bar - Buvette
CB accepted above 5 euros
Place to cook
Dinner, bed and Breakfast
Access for everyone
Dormitories rom 4 to 12 beds
Drinking water
Espace Hors Sac
45 beds
Restaurant for lunch
Hot showers
Toilets for consumers